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My Constant Companions February 27, 2007

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I would like for you to meet my friend. Her name is Perseverance. She has a sister whose name is Patience, but unfortunately, she is in hiding right now. These two girls have become my companions over the last 6 weeks as I have begun my weight loss regime. I have been working so hard at losing the pounds which have covered my small frame for far too long now, hanging on for dear life to my friend Perseverance’s hand and waiting for her sister to come and stand beside me. So far, Patience is staying put in her hiding place. Perseverance, who I have loving began to call Percy, and I attack each day, we eat our 1 fruit, 1 starch and 2 dairys for breakfast, we drink water by the gallons, we attack it again for lunch, 1 protein, 1 fruit, 1 veggie, 1 starch  and then off to the treadmill — sometimes Percy helps me go for an hour, sometimes even she gives out at the 45 minute mark and we both fall down!  At supper we are at it again, 1 protein, 2 veggies, 1 fruit, 1 starch, and maybe even a fat or two, just for fun. Everyone else gets dessert, Percy and I just look on with wonder and awe!  We drink more water and then on good days we bounce back on the treadmill for a little nighttime fun.  By the end of the day, we are exhausted! All of this, and then we when step on the scale, only a little movement. Granted it is better than what it was 6 weeks ago, and my clothes do fit better, I do feel better — but when am I going to bump into someone and have them notice complete changes in me. Here’s where I need my friend Patience. I know it will come, I am just having a hard time waiting on that girl to show up!  I have always heard Patience and Perseverance go hand in hand. Well, in my world, Percy is doing all the work and Ms. Patience is taking her own sweet time in showing up for her share! 

To date — this author has lost 12 pounds  – only 38 more to go!


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