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Finding Joy in the Everyday Moments of My Life

Name Change February 18, 2007

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If anyone is out there reading this, you might notice that there has been a name change on this blog. Originally I thought “Musings on my life” was a good title, and still do; however, I came across a quote the other day and it has just stuck in my head. It so ingrained itself on me that now that I have decided to change my whole web identity to reflect this awesome quote. I must say, I do not know who to attribute this brilliance to, but I am deeply grateful and please be flattered by the copying and usage of this phrase. Here it is…. are you ready…. it will change your life…..

“Be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life.” 

WOW!  How extraordinary is that one sentence. It is so true. So often I catch myself thinking on things past, or things to come and missing all the day to day joys that are in my life – right now!  My daughter (whom I will referred to here as Hbug) has taught me the value of living in the moment. Things in a two year old’s world operate solely on this principle. She is happy – right now, with whatever is occupying her. She doesn’t comprehend about tomorrow, or the future or even for that matter the past. Just the here and now. I long to live that way. God calls us to live that way. He says in His Word that He will take care of us, our cares and futures are to be laid at His feet and we are to be like the birds of the air — not wanting or striving, but depending on Him and being content where we are, and with what we have.  How I long for that peace. How would it change my everyday life? What kind of mother and wife would I become, if I really just learned to be happy in the moment? To be content with all I have and not want more. To live fully every minute, so that when all my minutes are up and I am at death’s door, there would be no regrets, only happy, sweet memories of a life truly lived!

So, here’s to living a happy, joyful life. I hope you take the time to reflect on this idea yourself and find those moments in your life.


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