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A Life Unexamined February 9, 2007

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Never, in a million years did I think my first post would ever be about Anna Nicole Smith… but here it is.

 How sad!  Those were my first thoughts. Sure, she chose her life. Sure, she was not the most moral of celebrities. But what a sad existence when you see it played in retrospective. Born poor, married young, mother and abused wife. Divorced, single mom, stripper, playmate centerfold, married to a billionaire four times her age. Widowed, fighting for millions, model, tabloid princess, drugs, rehab, reality show star, drugs, alcohol, pregnant, has baby, loses son three days later, in a fight for paternity of baby girl, now she is dead. All in just 39 years.  I have nothing really to say other that it is so sad. Was anyone Christ in this girl’s life? Did she ever hear that He loved her, died for her, forgave her? Did she slip out into eternity still alone – now forever? I pray that somehow, someone reached out to her — that someone cared enough about her to introduce her to our Lord. I know He grieves her loss today, if not.

So sad.


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